• IP Strategy
    IP Audits ensure that valuable IP is identified and protected, the value of the IP is correctly estimated, the scope of protection that can be obtained for the IP is gauged accurately and the strongest level of protection for valuable IP is obtained.
  • Actionable Intelligence
    We search volumes of patent and non-patent databases from various countries to uncover that single prior art reference or combination of references that will invalidate the competitor's patent.
  • US Patent Protection
    Patentability searches and statutory subject matter review by country. Provisional and Complete patent preparation and filing in India. US patent application preparation, filing and response to office actions
  • International Patent Protection
    Metayage IP Strategy Consulting LLP has a strategic approach towards patent application preparation and prosecution based on an application of technology, law and business concepts, to obtain strong high quality patent applications for our clients.
  • Legal Solution
    Legal Solution
  • Trade Mark
    Our trade mark services are characterized by promptness and transparency. We keep abreast with latest developments at the IP office, trade mark cases, applications filed and published in the journal.
  • Design
  • Copyrights